Let’s Crank Up Those Sales

Using Facebook as your social media marketing platform of choice actually makes sense. According to recent statistics that involves many different social platforms, Facebook is by far the best platform when it comes to marketing, taking a whopping 47% of the cake.

The reason why the results are as such is due to the fact that Facebook enjoys more than 2 billion active people using it on a daily basis. Which again, does make sense for a lot of business owners to advertise or promote their brand using the said social media site.

So, you want to create a Facebook ad, but you want to make sure that every dollar you put in is money well spent, how do you make it so? Read on to find out some helpful tips.


  1. Know Your Target Audience

When you sign up for a Facebook account whether it is for personal use or a business page, you agree to the term that allows the medium to gather data from you. This data can actually be accessed by business owners if they wish to put some ads on the platform.

Before you go ahead and create your own ad, you have to know something about Relevance Score. This score basically tells you how relevant your ad is to your target audience.

Suppose that a person sees your ad and she is part of the demographic that you want to cater to, then your content will be deemed as something that is relevant to that user. This is also reinforced by the fact that they might like the ad, post a comment, or even share it with their peers.

Facebook then puts a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest) based on how relevant your ad is to your target audience. This will then tell you what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Set A Budget

Establishing a solid budget covers helps you limit your spending in a way that you do not overspend or that you spend a little bit less than you should be.

Consider that you have to pay a lot of things upfront. This includes the following:

  • Research and Planning
  • Cost Per Click
  • Campaign Management
  • Ad Creation
  • Analytics, Optimization, and Testing
  • Links to Your Website

The beauty of Facebook’s ad manager is that you can choose which type of ads you’re going to use for your campaign. Be sure to research on the ads that would bring you the most bang for the buck and never forget to track your metrics to give you tangible data and results that you can use to improve your marketing strategy.


  1. Include “Offer” Ads

Think of this ad as a type of promotion. This type of ad includes price discounts, a free gift, a social media campaign service upgrade, or even a gift certificate. But, the best way for you to implement this is to not use it too much. Doing a lot of offer ads would tell the person that your business is in dire need of customers, which may ultimately put them off.


  1. Use Video Ads

According to Google’s recent survey, more than 51% of people want video content more than any other content out there. The same can be said with video ads. Sure, you can create a nice graphical ad, but without moving videos, you’re not really going to get a lot of people to look at your ads.

I understand that businesses are hesitant to create video ads because this will be an additional expense. But in the world of marketing, even though it may come off as expensive upfront, if the results are better, then it is all worth it.