Google, Facebook, Reddit, what do they all have in common? Well, they are different popular platforms (or brands), but another similarity between these three is that they all
have their unique domain names. If someone were to type, it would instantly lead them to one of the most popular community forums on the internet.
That is essentially what a domain name does. You can either register a domain name manually in a domain registrar or you can get a good web hosting company that will offer to do the same thing for you. Why is a domain name important, you ask? Well, it not only provides that necessary good first impression, but it also affects your website’s SEO and your brand visibility as well. In today’s article, I will go over some useful tips to help you come up with your own
domain name for your website.

1. Use the Proper Extensions

Website extensions are those that are directly added after your domain name. Some popular extensions include,, and Although you can use any website extension that you want, you’d still want to stick with as it is still the most popular and widely used extension today. So ideally, you want your website’s URL to be

2.Choose Unique Over Generic

Unique domain names always take precedence over generic ones. The reason why you want to go with a unique name is so that it is much easier for your users to remember your website. For example, Burger King’s website is and it is quite unique since no other entity uses that domain name. However, if you use something generic like, that is really not something that is memorable so you want to avoid that naming scheme at all costs.

3.Make It Shorter

According to a study that was made by, the optimal length of a domain should be anywhere between 6-12 characters. But, you could extend it a bit further to 14 if you need to, but the general idea is that the shorter the domain name, the better.

Now, why do you want a shorter name? Well, that is because of brevity and mnemonics. It is much easier for people to remember a shorter name than a long string of text, right? If you absolutely cannot help it because you think that your domain name is a bit longer than 14 characters, just make sure that it is ‘brandable’.

4.Come Up with a Name That is Easy to Type

Aside from coming up with a unique and short domain name, you also want to make sure that it is easy to type. To test this, you want to get 10 different people to spell your domain name. If 1 or 2 people have a hard time spelling it out, that is okay. However, if it is more than that, you may have to change it to something much simpler.

5.Avoid Numbers and Hyphens as Much as Possible

Imagine if Facebook were spelled “Face-book”. Do you think that it will achieve the same success? I highly doubt that. Remember what I said about simplicity? Adding hyphens or numbers to your domain name just makes it more complicated, so avoid them as much as possible.

6.Use Domain Name Generators

If you absolutely cannot come up with a name that suits your brand or business, it would be best that you use domain name generators to help you with that.