Taking care of a newborn is one of the best highlights of parenting. Soon, you will find yourself shopping for baby shoes in Malaysia, and taking cute photos of your little one. Apart from these amazing moments, you also need to deal with your baby’s language development. Are you ready to witness the first baby gestures, sounds and words?

Your little one’s communication skills would grow dramatically in the first 12 months of her life. She would learn how to respond to you, express herself, and understand when you try to communicate with her. All of this can happen before she even says her very first word at around 1 year old.

At 3 to 4 months, she might:

  • Babble, and combine consonants and vowels
  • make eye contact with people
  • explore different combinations of consonants and vowels

At 5 to 7 months, she might:

  • play with various kinds of sounds, varying in volumes and pitches
  • copy some of gestures and sounds you make, from coughing and laughing, to licking

At 8 to 9 months, she might:

  • say ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ even though she doesn’t understand it yet
  • make longer sound sequences, which may sound a lot like normal speech

At 10 to 11 months, she might:

  • ask for something by looking, or pointing at the person, and then at something she wants
  • communicate with a specific purpose–to insist, request, reject, refuse or greet someone

By around 12 to 14 months, she might say a few some words, and understand what they mean, such as ‘dada’ or ‘mama.’

In these early months, your little one will may respond to you in multiple ways.

  • enjoy games such as peekaboo, as well as other action games
  • utilizing gestures such as pointing and waving
  • responding to her own name by widening his eyes, looking, smiling or listening
  • making sounds, looking excited or going quiet when you are talking to her
  • laughing and smiling when you play with her