People often love to spend their time in the place which would give them immense pleasure and the restaurant became a place for all get together, meeting, corporate meetings, business collaborate parties and even for functions. People love to enjoy the meeting simultaneously with awesome food and desserts. Not only for business people it is same for couples too just imagine to take your partner to a lovely atmospheric restaurant to spend some time along with delicious food isn’t would be special, obviously yes. Likewise Hennessy artistry is one of the best restaurant where one have good time with friends, colleagues, family or business clients and enjoy great foods and drinks with them along with news on the side. Once you visited this restaurant you can enjoy excellent dining experience and it would create a delicious experience in you which tends to come again and again.

Season menu in Hennessy artistry restaurant:

Hennessy artistry restaurant is most famous for its delicious texture and color of foods, they have ultimate tastes food items which beat on each other. The menu changes on season wise which makes it more popular among people and in addition all the ingredients are checked carefully by chef whether it is fresh and edible to eat. The top most menu of restaurant are listed below

  • Starters

  • Main course

  • Desserts

  • Soups

Starters includes tomato bruschetta, avocado and mango salsa, maitake mushroom, garlic baked cheese, baked potato skins and lobster picante.

Main courses include coconut fried chicken, prime rib, sriracha beef skewers, crispy tuna fregola and charred lamb ribs.

Soups include terrific turkey chili, Italian sausage tortellini, ham and potato soup and creamy chicken and wild rice soup.

Desserts include summer berry and coconut tart, pumpkin cookies cream cheese and double chocolate cupcakes.

Need to book reservation:

If you need to reserve a table in this prior it can be done through online itself, pre reservation would be memorable dining experience like food and wine.

The pre reservation can be done for private dining and private events the restaurant main dining room have capacity to accommodate maximum 18 people. This is mostly used for corporate business events, corporate dinners, chef’s table and special occasions all these can be handled based on your needs.

The restaurant can be reserved for high night or full night for special occasion, events or it may be booked for functions too. The most of the business people book full night for corporate events. You can make reservation through online or by contacting through phone the reservation should be done six weeks before the date you need.

The restaurants open all day in a week from 1 PM to 10PM in addition restaurants provide happy hours for their customers from 4PM to 6PM.

The main specialty of this restaurant is food along with juicy news people can enjoy the food with side by news like importance of rich snippets in SEO, about embryo gene editing in Human, Wedding planning tips before choosing your venue and tips for casino gambling. This would great for foodies and news cracking people.