Every website is a good investment, so it should be managed proactively. This is not only about keeping it up to date. You need to meet your customers’ and business’ needs.

How often do you need to redesign a website? Generally, many companies redesign theirs every two years, and then, rebuild every five years.

Website Redesign Drivers:  

  • Fails to reflect your business’ direction
  • Appears on other gadgets, most especially mobile devices
  • Fails to convert any leads or sales
  • The layout looks dated and old
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Slow loading time
  • Not User Friendly

How to know if your web pages need any help?

Check your website’s Google Analytics data. If you have low average time of website, high bounce rates and low repeat visits, then something is wrong. Evaluate the technology data, and see how your pages are performing in different mobile types and browsers.

Pros of Website Redesign

  • Gives the impression that your brand growing and dynamic
  • Users can find what they are looking for easily and quickly
  • You can easily update and maintain the content yourself—you can save more money!
  • Your web pages will be more search-engine friendly
  • Competitive advantage over the competitors by capturing the online market effectively
  • Easy to use on gadgets and mobile devices
  • More effective website in terms of functionality, forums, e-commerce, contact forms and social media integration

Cons of Website Redesign

Regular users need to get used to your new layout. Make it easy for them to navigate around in less than 3 clicks. Work well with your website developer, and don’t confuse your visitors.

When you modify your website’s design, your URL will change. This will affect your SEO power. To address this, hire a reliable SEO expert. He or she can work with the search engines and old URLs. Don’t forget to preserve your highest performing web pages, though.

A website redesign would require money and time. This is an investment you need to take in order to grow your business. In order to keep the price feasible, you need to pick the right web developer. He or she should understand your business’ mission and vision.