Why Men Also Need To Take Care of Their Skin

Men associate skincare as girly because- well, that’s what most girls basically do. But you should know that it’s not. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Think of it this way, you want a babe, a 10-10 hottie with the makeup and the clothes but then you’re not even a 2. Measure yourself. Men want pretty girls but they themselves look crusty. Now how is that fair?

When you take care of yourself, you have more confidence in yourself. As to the saying of when you look good, you feel good. Plus, women don’t really focus on your face alone. There’s other factors and believe me, hygiene plays a very strong factor. You can look like Micheal B Jordan but nobody wants to date you if you smell and look crusty.

Here are the things that men can do to their skin:


Cleanser is basically a face wash. A face wash is probably the most important. But you can’t just buy any type of cleanser you want. Skin doesn’t work like that. Do your research. Like what is your skin type? What ingredients are you allergic to? These are very important things to consider.


Toner is used to wipe excess dirt on your skin. The once that the cleanser missed.

Day / Night Moisturiser- Moisturiser is important to soften the texture of your skin and to give you glowy and healthy skin.


Most people usually abandon sunscreen. I advise you not to. Because sunscreen is very important. It helps to protect you from UV rays. UV rays can cause you skin cancer. If you’re wondering what it can look like, well the chocolate dots on Morgan Freeman’ face is one of the examples.

I know, I know too much work! What a hassle! I’m a dude! But believe me, it’s not once you’ve gotten into the rhythm of it. In fact, you might also find it very therapeutic. If you still feel unmotivated, then women love men who know how to care for themselves. So care for yourself, so that all those men’s health supplements you take won’t go to waste.